Saturday, May 28, 2011

John Wilkie - The Jellystone Man

Monday, May 30th at 3:00pm at the Recreation Building.
Please join us to celebrate the life of Mr. John Wilkie.

(Free admittance to the park for John's Memorial.)

A man so familiar
A man so dear
So much a part of
Our family here

Big career behind him
Big money….Big name
Came to live with us here
Lots of work… but no fame

There seems no end
To all of the knowledge he holds
Of the park…of the people
All the places he goes

His loyalty unmeasured
Never demanding his way
All requests quickly answered
“You got it!” he’d say

Not one to be showy,
Just a simple ole guy.
Always has a cold beer for
When friends will stop by

Let’s lift up our glasses
Let’s all give a cheer
For this wonderful friend
We hold so dear

For without him our lives
More difficult would be
No more “3 second” deliveries
No success guarantee

Thank you, Thank you
For your presence here.
For all that you’ve done..
Your heart so sincere

Please know that we love you
Through our smiles and our tears
And that our memories of you
Will carry on through the years

So many come and go here.
It’s just part of the plan.
But there could be no replacing
The Jellystone Man